unseen cause

nothing comes out of nothing
for all things has its causes
arising as effects
manifested as experience
we call the NOW

the Now
merely a brief moment
yet constantly another now takes over
so seamlessly as if permanency is real
and experiences unbroken
yet behind it all
at all times
a mystery unknown
churning, accumulating
that brings to us
a world of experience
of what we feel
be it from touch, see, smell, hear, or taste
not to mention
thoughts that keeps popping up in our minds

we see not what we are unknowingly creating
of intentions brief arising continuously
of which causes are created
leading out as experiences
that we hold onto so dearly
what is more true
is our intent

and here barking at the wrong tree
all the time
we chase after the world
thinking it is “there”
that happiness is found
or running away from the world
thinking too it is “there”
unhappiness is found
the real world is so near
yet so far
found within the mind

the creator of the world
“out there”

who to blame
what to blame
where to start
where to end
except the mind
the end of existence seen.

senselessness (enlightened’s laugh)

am I… dreaming you
or you… dreaming me
or I … dreaming I
or “I” merely a dream?
of Dream dreams
like Perception perceives
or Consciousness conscious
or Feeling feels
of neither “you” nor “I”
except a conspiracy of a seeming split
seen from a strange angle
of separation that never occurred
like front and back of one thing
and yet seems to be two
a device unexplainable
brought you and me
as two separates
where I love you
or you love me
or I despise you
and you despise me
a weird scenario
where there
never was
never once
or even one moment
where separation was even possible
except again
seen from a strange angle
where distortion becomes real
where cause begins
and thus effect comes to play

where beginning has an end
and end, beginning too
and thus with birth, death exist
and with death, rebirth again
all from the mystery of a seeming split
never was, never occurred
never never possible
and yet, and yet….
how can it be?

what is this
what is going on
what is here
what never was
yet I am here
and you reading
See sees
Smell smells
Taste tastes
Hear hears
Touch touches
Think thinks
devoid of entity
a dance of sort
of cosmic play
not understood and not realized
hence separation prevails
inside outside
above below
vertical horizontal
near far
all but an illusion
of time
brought about
from one
moment of void
from emptiness
to form
and form
back to emptiness
yet nothing truly occurred.
Maya at play…


oh dear
the demon came a knocking again
the other day
immersing totally
you forgot it was another replay

a rehearsal of sort
that you have taken for real
and hence the ride was pretty scary
daunting and peril

soon you will wake up to realize
shucks! another unreal dream
of embarrassment that repeats once again
beating yourself up why it has to repeat

but wait a minute
if you have done it so many a times
how could it be that you are framed again?
or is it that a point is missed that
ravelling the mystery
a deceit is found?

what deceit, you exclaimed
is it you or really me that is at fault?
neither both, deary soul
for it is not about a personality I am referring
except nature of conditioning replaying again

unless wisdom comes a yonder
ignorance simply play its game
and you can’t say it is either wrong or bad
as what ignorance does is simply this
doing its nature what ignorance is!

so lo and behold
soon another day shall passed
awakened from the dream
you wonder why it happened

and the answer is simply already here
not that you are not entitled to you
but rather blocks that you have not known
is keeping you abay

if you do not know
your search
is what that search
whatever directions you take
will end in futility
as the search has never been at all out there
except here in the now
in this “thing” called the Mind.

in feud

I was a rabbit
And you were a tortoise
Both in competition
In that lifetime.

Then I was a tortoise
Of another lifetime
And you… sigh, a hare
Coming back to compete
What was not completed.

And it has been going on that way
Since immemorial time
Of different characters
And different storylines.

And what was behind it all
Was about a point to prove
That I am good for you
In the midst of my not good enough.

I have not welcomed you lovingly
But instead challenge you a feud
Of past blindness I did not see
Of inner needs that is always mine.

And as I wakeup this lifetime
Of dreams we have both locked into
And pains that kept us bind yet and apart
I release thee from my mental bondage.

Returning to whole of what was not
Ending all what was perceived incomplete
I embrace you in fullest love
Praying that we are now both One.

In delusive competition
All comes to immediate end
Of separation that never once was
Except an illusion of a nightmarish dream.

And now with joy
With wakefulness and grace
I see you
And I see you, Love, again.

unspoken meaninglessness

Don’t go back to sleep.
Wake up.
Wake up to what truly is.

It is an exciting time for awakening
where realization comes easily
where past and future has no actual meanings
other than mere storyline arising in the Now.
as each story continues with a sequel

Storylines upon storylines
stacking up the Now
making what in origin eternity
now a glamor story of beginning and end
yet the end is still not truly ended
whence then can there be a real end?

Continuation is not eternity
as it has past to determine it
and future meanings to hold it tight.
thus beginning and end is but an illusion
played up by perception of memory flood
making each story a juicy fluid
and each experience a meaningful dream
of which there are times nightmare too.

Yet meaning or no meaning are still “meanings”
locked within the time bubble of falseness
away, totally forgotten, the “meaninglessness”
meaninglessness to you portray doom and helplessness
Yet that is not what it means
Except a meaning put by you.

Consider a time—if ever “time” does ever exist
No one object has a meaning
Until an idea of a meaning springs into mind
Now no longer a object but simply meaning
Even that what is “an object”?
Except another meaning to That?
What then is “That”?

“That” is “What” – do you not see how meaning work?

Thus shut-up, keep still
Be silence and stop all doing
Only then what is beyond “meaning” emerges
Unfolding for you to realize
What true meaninglessness is –


step back, empty yourself

step back
step back further
yet please step back a little further more
for each step back is never enough
never enough to step back
never enough to further step back
never enough to reach the end line, or the beginning line
where the line is imaginary

for only when you finally arrived
emptied totally
forsaken the self
ending and leaving behind all baggages
your step back is finally done

indeed difficult is to empty
to drop every incessant interference
to let loose what is held
to fall as to surrender
to end all grips
of tenacious rightness
of egoic imagination
of self-centredness

what a bliss
what a joy
of no-I-ness

ding a dong, a call

it is ridiculous, it is silly,
it is unimaginable
not to mention strange
in not seeing what is already here
to realize and to end
what perpetuates so so long a ago

how can it be possible
how strange it can be
where what is already here is not seen
and what is not here imagined
a total baffling encounter
even the Masters will laugh uncontrollable

to laugh is to see its reality
to sigh is to see unreal real
to plea is plain ignorant
to hope, forget about it
either one sees it or one don’t

so here ends the chapter
no more what’s next
for to ask that is to seek continuity
what an illusion!
there being none except Eternal Unconditioned
yet not eternal as in process

end blindness
just wake up
wake up to realize
blind is here, blind is there
blind is everywhere
and Love is all that sees
in Wisdom dawn


it’s the mind!
it’s the mind!
it’s the mind!

it’s the mind!
(do you not noticed the obvious?)

the me mind, the you mind
but never my mind or your mind
have you not noticed – simply “mind”?

there’s only mind nature unfolding
in me space, and, you space
as opportunity for experience,
as happening experienced at each moment
and never even once, never,
“my” mind or “your” mind
but simply, “mind”
as happening.

there was only happening
there is only happening
there will forever be only happening

yet of them all
there is only happening
as past or future is happening here now
as present thoughts
mangled in imagination

what is more to say
except happening
and still, and yet
another happening
to each moment?

happening is experience
and experience is what you are
and what you are
is simply…
not “your” happening
or “my” happening
but simply “happening”
arising, passing on
happening [again]

yet is there “again”?
or simply new, fresh… gone
anew …
from nowhere to nowhere

to be exact…

now here … no where

death experience

Do I not notice
death is but another experience
like an experience arising any other day
that I sometimes dread
yet finally will still overcome
and come to term
and continue living?

Death is not the end
except another experience
where I too will finally overcome
and continue living
wherever I am been posted
never an end

It’s not death that I dread
or the meaning of ending that I abhor
rather the assumed perception
of another’s death
never returning
thus keeping me resisting
of what I have built
of what I have accumulated
of what I have held on
of what I have toiled
not willing to depart
not willing to end
thus seeing death a threat
death an imposed fear
robbing me what I so wanted
to cherish, to enjoy

yet funnily
not willing to depart is an experience
not willing to end is an experience too
wanting to cherish, to enjoy, yet another experience
not to mention
holding on
whatever I can fill in the gaps
aren’t they all experiences?

Where is there then hierarchy?
Where is there then specialness?
Where is there then preference?
Even if there is, isn’t those all experience too?

If that is all it is
in this so-called human life
why not death another experience?
even though I may not like it
yet not liking too is another experience!

where can I run, except another experience
where can I go, except another experience
where can I escape
Escape? Another experience!

But if escape is what I wish
Isn’t Death an escape
of what I am now?
Am I choosing to escape Death
but not escaping from what I am?
Do I think I have a choice
Yes! only if I am insane! 

I am escaping from escape?
What a confusion!
Pray tell me, what is it that I want?
Or is it want that I just need to wake up from?

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