only to realize

you were never
unless you are not

not knowing
you think
you are without

as such you seek
unbeknown all is

will never fulfil you
as it makes you forget

the more you seek
ignorant you become of

what then is left
is only without
and losing within
becomes your reality

but lost is impossible
and never will be
as within is always true
except now forgotten

you only
need to give up without
within would reveal itself

yet, giving up without
is near impossible
as with no within at sight
nothing is left of you!

oh! frightening
you will be
clutching without
you try to seek within

yet within cannot
be sought
as it is
either within or without!

only by giving up without
within is reveal
but by seeking within
only endures without

in no ways
within can be known
if without
is in place

the only way
in solving this error
is to realize
without never was

as such
no exchange is require
nothing needs giving up
only to realize!

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  1. By giving up without and yet within will be realise..What a great word of the day.Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

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