mind swollen
inflammation at risk
potential rupturing
danger awaits

day in day out
hallucinations stalk
endless meanings
dis-ease abound

hell indeed
this crazy mind
unpleasant experiences
is its offer

victim i feel
victimizer i play

lack i hate
abundance i long

insecurity my nemesis
fear i worry

superiority my liking
inferiority i wish not

endless thinking
frequent judging

restless i am
often then not, bored

scheming privately
subtly manipulates

swollen indeed this mind
in pain it goes living
yet in truth
nothing occur
except experiences
mindmade they are

merely conjuring ideas
fabrication it is
an illusion not known
a dream made real
this mind
but just a phenomenon

only to be realized
and finally it is gone

no i
no player
no stage
no spectator
no one realized
but to be realized!


It did happened yet it did not.
Only because a dream it was, and finally awakened.

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