awareness your wise companion

I make a plea
That you don’t forget me
Or forsake me
Though I keep vanishing
From sight
Only to appear when you recall

I don’t mean
To frustrate you
To let you down
To make you feel a failure
For that’s not my job
But the clever weaving of defilements

In fact, I am always your grace
Which you know not now
For in any one moment
Having me around
Makes significant difference
But not to your knowing yet

So do have faith in me
Give me one more chance
To show what I can offer you
Only but with your persistence
The gate of Deathlessness will open
With Wisdom coming your way


what now is?
or a mere definition
of what is only real
since past is gone and future unarrived?

or is it something else?
could it be you
that now comes to exist?
without you, what is now?

are you in the now
or now is you?

if you are in the now
then surely now is a time
which cannot be true
since time is only man-made

if you is now
what then is you?
only by realizing “you”
now will be fully understood
(or maybe now does not even exist!)

knowing with no you

mind not you
mind no you
mind don’t know you
mind only phenomenon
of nature unfolding

a process of activities
mind is all it is
arises from causes
end due to causes
continues too because of causes

if not aware clearly
if not investigate precisely
if not understood directly
mind becomes an imaginary you

but mind is not you
mind has no you
mind don’t know you
mind just processes

so what is “you”?
no-you, really
only mere knowing wrongly
or knowing rightly
without “you” knowing.

mind your mind

lost in mind
gaga is all you dine
falling into pitiful kinds

use the mind
experience is all you find
only flirt and later pine

observe the mind
understanding awaits in line
realization will finally shine

so if you
lost in mind
you will be left in blind
use the mind
you will only whine
observe the mind
freedom surely be thine

 so please
mind your mind
knows what is in mind
so as to find
the door to

a shadow, i see you

a shadow of Real
you stalked
a moment forgetful
you replaced

you can’t be Real
but merely shadow
an apparition
devoid of essence

replacing is impossible then
for you don’t at all exist
except a cast, a shadow
of what Real is

you are
but a phenomena
a passing process
a temporary illusion

not wisely seen
the Real is mistaken
a dream-like begins
stories therein unfold

in such trance
much is untold sufferings
blinded helplessly
by ignorance of what Real is

forgetfulness springs your birth
not-forgetting the only remedy
to finally awaken
to your non-existential appearance

surely Unconditioned
the only Supreme
a cast you are
merely being conditioned temporarily
only to arise and passes on

until then I am wary
of your deception
your lure of glamour
only but pain onwards leading


hear, hears not

the mind hears not
hear is the mind
hear cannot hear
except hear and sound coming together
mind with object inseparable
both as an experience –
no one hearing
neither hearing
except hear-sound
a happening
a nature unfolding
in this -scape
of impersonality
of impermanence
of imperfection
same with other senses
abstract, profound
only to be realised

the world but a thought creation

Thinking that you know and
Knowing that you think
Is not just a reversal play of words
But a matter of two different worlds

Of black and white
Of true and false
Of correct and error
Of mistakes and forgiveness

“Why he acts like an idiot”
Is true to you as you judge him
Not realizing thinking about him
Is what makes you think you know

Even asking who am I?
Needs a thinking to know you
Making you a product of thought
But not a knowing

You have confused knowing and thinking
Thinking knowing is not knowing
Knowing thinking is not thinking
Both are different worlds

Only then can you come out
Of this maze of deception
That makes you think you exist
But is just another thinking process

Who then are you
Of thoughts streaming thru endlessly
A make believe that “you” exist
And as such “others” too there are

Whimsical fragments of delusional perceptions
A world somehow comes to be born
And “you” an image, an imagination
Of streams of consciousness devoid of self

What then is thinking?
But tiny mad ideas occupying the now
Every now, every moment
Making a make belief “I-am” conceit

“Now” was never once a now
Of ideas of thoughts coming going
Occupying the central stage
Of a pristine backdrop of Unchanged

You and me were never born
Not to mention we all dies
For we never existed even once
No one here, no person to live

Beginning or end are mere ideas
Of meaningless time perception play
The truth is what It is
Beyond thoughts, beyond change

So trust not judgments
Or opinions, or comments,
Giving you a false hope “knowing”
“Thinking” that “you” “knows”

KNOW then what is taking place
As to aware how the mind tricks play
Of formations born endlessly
Of meaningless impersonal ideas

So long as “you” is felt
Any moment any time
With “other” opposite of “you”
Certainly, a tiny mad idea is running wild

Donald Trump, Albert Einstein, Adolf Hitler
Mother Theresa or Steve Job
What do you Think?
Made up by thoughts the very you

Wakeup, wakeup, please
So that this world would come to end
Without “you” needing to die or born again
With a Now Knowing taking a central stage

blessed encounter

of blessed Sufis
of tombs where what needs to be done
have fully being accomplished
of end of journey where no return is so clear
of renunciates steep in silence and inner search
of teachings flavored with love and peace
of a life so well worth respecting
of a journey praised even by the gods
of witness a path worth following

as I stayed in stillness
of a Master well revered
whose tomb of the Sufi laid in rest
I am being transported to a memory
of another great Master
whose days were numbered
seated at the hospital bed
where eyes met me with penetrative clarity
and in that moment
it seems, there was only one meeting
of great silence and great clarity
of merging of peace never before felt

here I am with no preconceived ideas
being in reverence
a merging occurred
an experience of mind
whose cankers seems to have finally overcome
won in battled that never was
returned back to the Unconditioned

waking up at dawn
a sense of serenity filled the air
where inner silence takes precedent
immerse in sweetness of peace
of love that has no object
but simply Beloved, not even the Lover
and for a moment entralled by the hot air balloons
floating up to the sky in uncountable numbers
a reminisce of freedom away from the cankers
never returning again to the illusion
of the world

 Cappadocia, TURKEY
25 July 2012

misperception perception

I think you are physically here
I’ve got it all wrong
I think you’ve left me
I’ve got it wrong too
you were neither here nor there
neither present nor have left
Except storylines churned out by the mind
of clever perception twisting reality

I think I am here
I’ve got it wrong too
I think I can one day die
I’ve got it seriously wrong
I think I have to be reborn
I’ve got the meaning wrong
if I am not here
not to mention there
where then is Now
with all its meanings of Past and Future
cleverly scripted by perception
of deception made real?

I never lived nor died
never conversed, never met
never born, never aged
never waited, never slept
never, never, never met the world
except the meaning of world within
even that is not true
except orchestrated by perception
played silently
with no one watching
no one cheering
no one clapping
no one crying
no one..
not even one, here,
except sculpted cleverly by perception

no thoughts to shoot
no ideas to remove
no beliefs to burn
no hate to churn
no anger to vent
except to witness
without a witness within
witness doing its work
recognizing, realizing, awakening

Until then,
I see you
I see myself
I am here, you are there
you will leave
I will be lonely
I will feel betrayed
I will feel grief
I will, I will, I will
… remember…
meaninglessly meaningful

coming back

What you think, thinks back
What you see, sees back
What you judge, judges back
Never once without a return
Never at all a never return
Until a never return introduced

The mind, a mimicker
Indifferent to inside or outside
Whatever’s been served
Will be reintroduced precisely
Inside out and outside in
With no prejudices or favours
Like a dutiful servant
Carrying out instructions in precision
No gaps left unattended
No mistakes, including mistakes
No errors but simulating errors
Of what was once a past intention
Now a haunting effect

The game she plays
Will be played out on her
The plan he schemes
Will he be scammed
Not exactly a revenge
But merely an exact replay
Of what one once introduced
To the unseen mind

For the mind,
Captured by perception
Governed by conditioning
Plays out in detail what was past
Though storyline differs
Though personality changes
Though situation seemingly new
Yet as haunting as can be
Each movement no matter how minute
Is but a mere memory
Replaying itself again

Wakeup, wakeup, my dear friend
For nothing new is here for you
Not of good health or ill
Not of rich or poor
Not of good or bad
Not of young or old
Not of friends or enemies
Not of doing or not doing
Not of big or small
Not of spiritual or material
Not of prayer or no prayer
Not even of Ego or God
None of anything in this world
Except a mastermind of delusion
Kept in a vault an unseen game
Repeating in lifetimes not seen
Now given one more chance
To be seen accurately

Ending the long cycles
Of coming and going
Of forth and back
To the Awaited Gift.

unseen cause

nothing comes out of nothing
for all things has its causes
arising as effects
manifested as experience
we call the NOW

the Now
merely a brief moment
yet constantly another now takes over
so seamlessly as if permanency is real
and experiences unbroken
yet behind it all
at all times
a mystery unknown
churning, accumulating
that brings to us
a world of experience
of what we feel
be it from touch, see, smell, hear, or taste
not to mention
thoughts that keeps popping up in our minds

we see not what we are unknowingly creating
of intentions brief arising continuously
of which causes are created
leading out as experiences
that we hold onto so dearly
what is more true
is our intent

and here barking at the wrong tree
all the time
we chase after the world
thinking it is “there”
that happiness is found
or running away from the world
thinking too it is “there”
unhappiness is found
the real world is so near
yet so far
found within the mind

the creator of the world
“out there”

who to blame
what to blame
where to start
where to end
except the mind
the end of existence seen.

senselessness (enlightened’s laugh)

am I… dreaming you
or you… dreaming me
or I … dreaming I
or “I” merely a dream?
of Dream dreams
like Perception perceives
or Consciousness conscious
or Feeling feels
of neither “you” nor “I”
except a conspiracy of a seeming split
seen from a strange angle
of separation that never occurred
like front and back of one thing
and yet seems to be two
a device unexplainable
brought you and me
as two separates
where I love you
or you love me
or I despise you
and you despise me
a weird scenario
where there
never was
never once
or even one moment
where separation was even possible
except again
seen from a strange angle
where distortion becomes real
where cause begins
and thus effect comes to play

where beginning has an end
and end, beginning too
and thus with birth, death exist
and with death, rebirth again
all from the mystery of a seeming split
never was, never occurred
never never possible
and yet, and yet….
how can it be?

what is this
what is going on
what is here
what never was
yet I am here
and you reading
See sees
Smell smells
Taste tastes
Hear hears
Touch touches
Think thinks
devoid of entity
a dance of sort
of cosmic play
not understood and not realized
hence separation prevails
inside outside
above below
vertical horizontal
near far
all but an illusion
of time
brought about
from one
moment of void
from emptiness
to form
and form
back to emptiness
yet nothing truly occurred.
Maya at play…


oh dear
the demon came a knocking again
the other day
immersing totally
you forgot it was another replay

a rehearsal of sort
that you have taken for real
and hence the ride was pretty scary
daunting and peril

soon you will wake up to realize
shucks! another unreal dream
of embarrassment that repeats once again
beating yourself up why it has to repeat

but wait a minute
if you have done it so many a times
how could it be that you are framed again?
or is it that a point is missed that
ravelling the mystery
a deceit is found?

what deceit, you exclaimed
is it you or really me that is at fault?
neither both, deary soul
for it is not about a personality I am referring
except nature of conditioning replaying again

unless wisdom comes a yonder
ignorance simply play its game
and you can’t say it is either wrong or bad
as what ignorance does is simply this
doing its nature what ignorance is!

so lo and behold
soon another day shall passed
awakened from the dream
you wonder why it happened

and the answer is simply already here
not that you are not entitled to you
but rather blocks that you have not known
is keeping you abay

if you do not know
your search
is what that search
whatever directions you take
will end in futility
as the search has never been at all out there
except here in the now
in this “thing” called the Mind.

in feud

I was a rabbit
And you were a tortoise
Both in competition
In that lifetime.

Then I was a tortoise
Of another lifetime
And you… sigh, a hare
Coming back to compete
What was not completed.

And it has been going on that way
Since immemorial time
Of different characters
And different storylines.

And what was behind it all
Was about a point to prove
That I am good for you
In the midst of my not good enough.

I have not welcomed you lovingly
But instead challenge you a feud
Of past blindness I did not see
Of inner needs that is always mine.

And as I wakeup this lifetime
Of dreams we have both locked into
And pains that kept us bind yet and apart
I release thee from my mental bondage.

Returning to whole of what was not
Ending all what was perceived incomplete
I embrace you in fullest love
Praying that we are now both One.

In delusive competition
All comes to immediate end
Of separation that never once was
Except an illusion of a nightmarish dream.

And now with joy
With wakefulness and grace
I see you
And I see you, Love, again.

unspoken meaninglessness

Don’t go back to sleep.
Wake up.
Wake up to what truly is.

It is an exciting time for awakening
where realization comes easily
where past and future has no actual meanings
other than mere storyline arising in the Now.
as each story continues with a sequel

Storylines upon storylines
stacking up the Now
making what in origin eternity
now a glamor story of beginning and end
yet the end is still not truly ended
whence then can there be a real end?

Continuation is not eternity
as it has past to determine it
and future meanings to hold it tight.
thus beginning and end is but an illusion
played up by perception of memory flood
making each story a juicy fluid
and each experience a meaningful dream
of which there are times nightmare too.

Yet meaning or no meaning are still “meanings”
locked within the time bubble of falseness
away, totally forgotten, the “meaninglessness”
meaninglessness to you portray doom and helplessness
Yet that is not what it means
Except a meaning put by you.

Consider a time—if ever “time” does ever exist
No one object has a meaning
Until an idea of a meaning springs into mind
Now no longer a object but simply meaning
Even that what is “an object”?
Except another meaning to That?
What then is “That”?

“That” is “What” – do you not see how meaning work?

Thus shut-up, keep still
Be silence and stop all doing
Only then what is beyond “meaning” emerges
Unfolding for you to realize
What true meaninglessness is –


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