serious work

silently aware
of this continuous river
as it appears

from nowhere
it comes,
to nowhere
it goes,
devoid of you
arises from conditions
passes off by conditions
with no true essense

the realm of the mind
is this river
where location never was
and time,
never exist
except as a concept,
no shape,
no form,
no distance
not even body
or age

is found in it
never a being
a person
or a self
but an elusive idea
cleverly made up
by ignorance
as if a
doer is
this river

the seer of these all
is self not
or a knower
or watcher
or anything
that come close
to a doer;
none at all
is there a being
but just the mind

strange indeed
is this mind
cannot be measured
cannot be found
cannot be localized
except known
and realized
for what it is
with no one
realizing it

is not forerun
by mind
is not mind made
as all experiences
but the mind
including you
a phenomenon

to realize it
is freedom
to ignore it
is doom
so start on the journey
where no one
is walking
but undoing
is done
end is inevitable.

If the mind is not realized, down the rabbit hole you will go where unimaginable horrors awaits you, where suffering is unavoidable.

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