i appear quick
nothing incomparable
and you
mistaken me
preposition me instead!
ignorant you are
to mistake my state
and for that
you have to exist
a little longer

i am not at fault
that you keep existing
except a mistake
in ignorance
of what i am
for i could not help
but to appear
as that is not
my own doing
your own

i am a formation
a fabrication only
demising as quickly
as in appearing
nothing left
not even a trail
but you
viewed me wrongly
and thus
a world of consciousness

from it
history repeats
of mind and strange body
with six senses
in contacting
arousing feeling
thus craving follows suit
of attachment
and becoming
leading to birth again
with decay and death

i am just an object
see me clearly
nothing further than that
see me as just that
as what i am
no prepositioning
no furthering
no more, no less
and you will be out
from this ridiculous
tiresome returning

if you care to listen
be aware
as i arises
with nothing
for you
to you
with you
by you
makes me so

only this Way
no returning is possible.
where other
absurd ways
of outdoing
of ignoring me
of seeking elsewhere
of trying all sorts
nothing will
come to be
except another return

see me in mind
including you
just as “seeing”
without me in it
a furthering,
a preposition
has occurred
just me as me
seeing as seeing
of two formations.

no for
no to
no with
no by
no doer, in short
just is
as i appears
with another
just as same
known as such
“just is”

with no
formation ends
no consciousness
no mind and strange body
no six senses
no contact
no feeling
no craving
not to mention attachment
and becoming
no birth
no decay and death

no birth
not even birthday
no death
no you
no me
no time
no place
no past
no future
not even present
right view meeting formation


14 May 2019

Right at the doorstep of your mind has the world arising once more, or ending here and now, depending on whether you see it correctly or wrongly as it arises to meet you. It is occurring  moment to moment in your mind. You just need to be there to meet it, as it meets you.
The end of the world is not found outside.

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