within or without

you were never
unless you are not

not knowing
you think
you were without

as such you seek
unbeknown all is

will never satisfy you
as it makes you thirst

what then is left
is only without
and lack
becomes your reality

you thirst without
the more
within becomes obscure

but it never was
and never will be
as within is your only domain
except now forgotten

within was never lost
only to be known
when without
is truly seen as untrue

yet within cannot
be sought
without will only be

for seek
is the reason of lack
of which
without is the cause

oh dear
a convoluted state now is
where without
is seeking within

in now way
within can be known
if without
is in process

as such
a new education required
without must be given up
in exchange for within

but lack
could never give up
as itself
is already deprived

this whole mess
from just an error
yet not seen
a mass of delusion born

no exchange require
nothing needs giving up
except to realize
without never was!

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