death another birth

Birth brings joy
Death brings grief
The cycle ends

Birth brings death
Death brings birth
The cycle repeats

Such a contrast
Seen from concept
Seen from reality

Until Reality seen
Feeling is our measure
Pleasure over displeasure

Clinging to feelings
We keep seeking
Causing us a return

Unbeknown too many
The cycle can be broken
The end of birth and death

Thus let death be known
Let birth be seen
Both arising from clinging

As grief comes to heart
Or joy comes to mind
Be mindful it is just the mind

The mind being the cause
The mind being the effect
The mind being the end

Rest then in peace
For the alive
And for the dead

Where the mind is the player
Where birth and death its mirage
Not knowing we fall again and again

To be seen correctly
Mindfulness the way
Wisdom the fruit.

mind oh mind

the mind
so near, yet so far.
the mind
so blatant, yet so hidden

that that knows
is the mind
yet what is known
covers up the mind

the object, always further
the mind, always closest
how then not
the mind be known?

without mind
there are no experiences
without body
experiences still prevails

mind oh mind
elusive you are
with wisdom
you are finally seen!

what else there is
if not mind,
if not mind
there is no what else

so much you made up
so little you too caused
yet correctly seen
nothing was madeup

a wonderment
the mind
a nightmare
also the mind

keep watching
the mind
mind watching mind
transcends all minds

silly mind

how can you know your mind
if what you know
are derived from voices
of concepts and ideas
what the mind is
it didn’t occur to you
they are narratives
buildup from past meanings?

how can you not know your mind
if its working
is an obvious happening
where no moment
is deprived of it
even as you
are reading these lines
where your experience
is but just

so do you know or not know
your mind
if both are also true
its workings
are not noticed
and instead
its narratives
are believed in

thus what is required
is not giving value
to what the mind tells
but instead
observe the way
the mind works
having awareness
and right attitude
of mind nature unfolding

though awareness is also mind
observing too, the mind
where other mind activities
can be known and observed
it is a good start
to begin with
before awareness too
be observed
observed too be known

where mind meets mind
one as object
the other subjective
seemingly two happenings
observer will soon
be known as observing
“I” will soon
be known as mind illusion

wake up
wake up soon
to the mindworks
the narratives
are what conjures the world
and you have to appear
to seemingly
experience both.

no one wakes up
wakes up you must
no one awakened
awakened must happen
no one walks the path
the path must be shown
from someone
to no one
from no one to One.

four noble truths

1st Noble Truth
never due to situation
never due to event
never due to people
not even you

2nd Noble Truth
is the real reason
is the actual cause
is the only ignorance
not at all you

3rd Noble Truth
end of suffering
is not to stop craving
is not to end craving
is not to do away craving
not your doing

4th Noble Truth
path to the end of suffering
merely an introduction
merely a correction
merely a right understanding
not your making


the function of the path
is not
to end suffering.
non-suffering is its effect

the function of the path
is not
to end craving
craving itself is defunct

as such
the path doesn’t change anything
but change occurs

the path doesn’t do away anything
but do away occurs

the path is not a replacement
but a replacement occurs

the path is not a doing
but recognition over ignorance

cutting through

each moment
has the mind involves

— this you may not notice

due to the mind
moment comes to be

— this too you may not notice

there is no moment
only the mind processing

— again, this you may not notice

the world
is an inside out job
of a mental condition

the world
is an outside in job
of a mental delusion

whether an inside out
or an outside in job
both are merely mindworks

the mind
has ideas of inside outside
except as a concept

truly no outside or inside
is found
except just a mindwork.

how then can the mind
sees the world
an impression it is outside?

surely an error is not seen
with the world
seemingly separated from the mind?

the body too is mindmade
how then can the body
be outside the mind?

you and I
are no two-objects
and with the world
a seemingly three objects

all these are just
concepts of mindworks
weaving itself

do not be fooled
you can be enlightened
as enlightenment is not you

out of mindworks
of “you”, “others” and “world”
itself is enlightenment.

you, a preposterous idea
the world too, preposterous!
when awakening dawn.

people, event, situation

people, event, situation
is where you are constantly
caring about

you care about people
you care about events
you care about situations

and every of this
is about others and outside,
and not you

but is that true?
is there a others or outside?
is there a separation, from you?

what about considering
what you cared
is actually you, uncared?

is there really people, event, situation?
or there is only your mind
about people, event, situation?

if you would have noticed
it is your mind
you would have cared for that

if you have not
then the world is
your caring place

where caring becomes
an obsessive control
and judgments

your mind needs caring
the world needs fixing

care your mind,
the world will be an extension
care the world
your mind will be projecting

caring the world, the mind is uncared
caring the mind, the world is cared
for people, event and situation is you.

end of a fabricated dance

“my body”
never a reality,
the mind
a mental perception.

correctly comprehended
“my body
now seemingly a state
of a worldly condition.

when correctly seen
attachment is non-existence
wrongly seen
attachment is inevitable
fear then must follow.

“my” a mental perception
“body” another perception
attachment too
a mind happening
all merely a fabrication dance.

when mind
not wisely discerned
a looks-like world
separation an inevitable event.

when mind
correctly understood
always the only reality
the “world is but the mind.

“my body”
conditioned attachment
conditioned clinging
conditioned becoming
conditioned a cycle.

when the origin
correctly seen
followup cannot occur
the cyclic comes to nought
ceasing its effect.

Right Understanding
the Path
Cessation its Fruit.

error & correction

pursuing the world
the Path is forgotten

pursuing the Path
the world is forgone

pursuing the Truth
the Path forgives the world

the Middle Way
forsakes nothing.

what use is of land

if a great land has been offered 
that could grow many fruit trees
or that could give you a home
or an income to sustain your life
or that could initiate a noble endeavour
that many could possibly be enlightened
which then would you choose?

surely you must be considering
what will be your present needs
and a long-term goal
that will yield a maximal advantage
to your continuous happiness
and sustenance of well-being 
within this comprehensible lifetime.

what if there’s another perspective
which you are not told
which you are not aware
which you could never imagine
where choosing rightly
could bring more than just happiness
but yet not visible, but yet assured?

would you then choose that path
by giving up that land
for a higher purpose
a higher vision for the benefit of many
which its return is unimaginable 
to your present mind, 
to your present needs?

if only, if only, you could have,
that profound understanding
of a Reality far more larger 
then what you could imagine
you would have offered
all your sweat, blood, and effort
to make it come true.

You wouldn’t have held back a second
In giving up your needs
In exchange for such a lovely gift
as you are fully aware
the fruit that comes therein
where nothing could replace it
or even compare to it.

O Mighty Truth!
grant that you have that knowledge
that understanding
in discerning what is truly, truly important
as to transcend what has always
being difficult to comprehend
difficult to overcome.

makes no sense until seen

finally come to understand
finally arrive
finally know—
what has always being pointed
what needs to be done—
after much
or even on
the verge of giving up.

Do you remember
how much difficulty
you have gone through
before securing the Way?
to know how to develop?
to know how to recognize errors?
to know what is right and wrong?
I doubt you do,
I doubt you will ever know,
the many countless unknown
causes and conditions
that took place.

Along the way
another wayfarer comes along
you teach them what you know
on how to walk the Way
how to develop the Path
yet what you teach is not what it should be
as you forgot
the many mistakes you made
the many trials you took
the many frustrations you get
before you finally got it right

No one gets it right
but only through errors
no one gets it easy
but only through difficulty
no one gets it fast
but only through grinding
no one gets it swift
but only through mistakes

If you tell them what is right
they may think it is that easy
if you tell them what is wrong
they may think you are rubbish
if you tell them the abstract
they may not listen
if you tell them in simplicity
they may get you wrong
if you don’t tell them
they will not know

Don’t you not see
this mission is impossible
for it is not by telling
the path is seen
but by each in their own way
through errors and frustrations
but never giving up
by being interested in finding
where it went wrong
after many twists and turns
that they finally found,
through their own effort
their own wisdom
their own follies—
the Way
that is only self-evident
only to be known by each
for himself or herself.

the noble way

between both
outer and inner
a Middle stands.

having the right understanding
both are mere results
of causes and conditions.

where it stands,
is neither here nor there,
in or out.

the middle,
is an understanding,
is also the way.

no exact word
could ascribed
if best, a Noble Path.

in eight ways
it manifests
leading to the Unmanifested

1. right understanding
is how it knows

2. right thought
is how it understood

3. right speech
is how it thought

4. right action
is how it speaks

5. right living
is how it acts

6. right effort
is how it lives

7. right mindfulness
is how it strives

8. right stability
is how it is mindful

this is the Way
how each leads to the eighth
an effect of Right Understanding.

eight is not made
eight is not created
eight is Nature of the Way, the Middle.

find the Middle
stand at the middle
be the middle.

from it
suffering is known
cessation of suffering
also seen.

undoing has begun
no-thing can stop it
except forgetting, but only temporary.

and that,
an eighth existence impossible
declares the Awakened.

until then,
keep steering
as the Way has opened.

what fortune is

to the unwholesome
fortune is
getting what it wants and
not getting what it doesn’t want

to the wholesome
fortune is
not being in the unwholesome

to the neither wholesome nor unwholesome
fortune is
in not forgetting

in different ways
fortune is ascribed
a matter of attachment or Right Understanding

Attachment as fortune
Is unfortunate
As it leads on to suffering

With Right Understanding
fortunate indeed
is the end of suffering

which fortune
you are describing
you must be aware

as it can be seriously unfortunate
or truly fortunate
the road it takes


I am likened to the murderer
I am also like the murdered
not that I am in their situation
but I am in the same situation.

I am like the trees
I am as like the mountains
and everything you can think of
even this, I am as like you.

you see, i am not a being 
nor can you call me a thing
but if you have an idea of me
I am already as like you.

you have never fathomed
nor have you ever considered
that I am not you nor, you is me
neither are you not me.

we have always been the same
not in form or shape
or even situation or place
but yet we are the same.

same should not be the word
for it tells of identical
but so far as how we come
and we go, we are the same.

we are not same as effect
but that is not true either.
we are same by the cause
which is not quite right too.

that is horribly confusing
you may think, and say
can’t you get to the point
even this, is the same.

forget about form
forget about resultants
forget even about causes
for they are no difference.

for all are conditionality
whether as arisen
or persist even further
or finally comes to end.

what difference does it make
be it in size or good
as young or being old
when all are but conditionality?

no difference are they all
if conditionality IS understood
as where there is cause, 
effect must comes be.

cause is not a thing
nor effect something
simply put, if there is a beginning
end must be.

with no beginning
how then be end
suchness is in all
and all is BUT conditionality.

aren’t we then bemused
it is just Conditionality
having it’s work done
sameness in all there is?

appearance is conditionality
disappeared is conditionality
not yet appear is conditionality
not able to appear is conditionality.

appear or disappear
is not caused by conditionality
appear or disappear
IS conditionality

reality does not do,
more so does it make
for there is no do or make
except no-twoness.

for that are we not the same?
form or no form
appear or disappear
all but Conditionality. 

what else is not conditionality
tell me, tell me,
if you could, that too is

conditionality is all there Is
at least here and now. 
Unconditioned is not that
rather unconditioned conditionality. 

form origin empty

concepts intended
the world appears
not noticing such
dual appeared
as object and mind.

intent made the world
from what thought out
foolishness its cause
with wisdom
this will be known.

object was the mind
but no longer the mind
as intent made it so
an effect now cannot reverse
but once was a cause.

foolishness its origin
intent comes to be
what appears next, concept
a dream-made state
likened a world “out there”.

cause made effect
effect, a result of cause
not seen its origin
looks two separate
as mind and object.

origin, timelessness
concept, time appeared
understood, timeless
not known, duration
wisdom, cause effect.

death calling

of late thought of death
comes frequently to mind
reminding the importance
of work to be done
and those needed undone.

each morning wakeup
comes an obvious whisper
of death remembrance
awaiting at the horizon
less I forget I too am mortal.

it does not come as dark or heavy
but a kind gentle reminder
that life is really getting short
and soon, too soon
all will be gone just as any dream.

amazed by the consistent reminder
of things I thought were important
yet when death comes a calling
they were all so trivial, useless
and totally meaningless.

how I have been deceived
by ignorance magic spell
seeking what is useless
forgoing what is useful
with each day leaving in vain

what then life is
only to meet death at its end
surely a hidden message
of which I may have overlooked
as I busy my days in pursuit.

tell me, tell me
what is my true purpose here
coming and leaving so soon
let no time be wasted
in unravelling my mystery of life.

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