makes no sense until seen

finally come to understand
finally arrive
finally know—
what has always being pointed
what needs to be done—
after much
or even on
the verge of giving up.

Do you remember
how much difficulty
you have gone through
before securing the Way?
to know how to develop?
to know how to recognize errors?
to know what is right and wrong?
I doubt you do,
I doubt you will ever know,
the many countless unknown
causes and conditions
that took place.

Along the way
another wayfarer comes along
you teach them what you know
on how to walk the Way
how to develop the Path
yet what you teach is not what it should be
as you forgot
the many mistakes you made
the many trials you took
the many frustrations you get
before you finally got it right

No one gets it right
but only through errors
no one gets it easy
but only through difficulty
no one gets it fast
but only through grinding
no one gets it swift
but only through mistakes

If you tell them what is right
they may think it is that easy
if you tell them what is wrong
they may think you are rubbish
if you tell them the abstract
they may not listen
if you tell them in simplicity
they may get you wrong
if you don’t tell them
they will not know

Don’t you not see
this mission is impossible
for it is not by telling
the path is seen
but by each in their own way
through errors and frustrations
but never giving up
by being interested in finding
where it went wrong
after many twists and turns
that they finally found,
through their own effort
their own wisdom
their own follies—
the Way
that is only self-evident
only to be known by each
for himself or herself.

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