cutting through

each moment
has the mind involves

— this you may not notice

due to the mind
moment comes to be

— this too you may not notice

there is no moment
only the mind processing

— again, this you may not notice

the world
is an inside out job
of a mental condition

the world
is an outside in job
of a mental delusion

whether an inside out
or an outside in job
both are merely mindworks

the mind
has ideas of inside outside
except as a concept

truly no outside or inside
is found
except just a mindwork.

how then can the mind
sees the world
an impression it is outside?

surely an error is not seen
with the world
seemingly separated from the mind?

the body too is mindmade
how then can the body
be outside the mind?

you and I
are no two-objects
and with the world
a seemingly three objects

all these are just
concepts of mindworks
weaving itself

do not be fooled
you can be enlightened
as enlightenment is not you

out of mindworks
of “you”, “others” and “world”
itself is enlightenment.

you, a preposterous idea
the world too, preposterous!
when awakening dawn.

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