silly mind

how can you know your mind
if what you know
are derived from voices
of concepts and ideas
what the mind is
it didn’t occur to you
they are narratives
buildup from past meanings?

how can you not know your mind
if its working
is an obvious happening
where no moment
is deprived of it
even as you
are reading these lines
where your experience
is but just

so do you know or not know
your mind
if both are also true
its workings
are not noticed
and instead
its narratives
are believed in

thus what is required
is not giving value
to what the mind tells
but instead
observe the way
the mind works
having awareness
and right attitude
of mind nature unfolding

though awareness is also mind
observing too, the mind
where other mind activities
can be known and observed
it is a good start
to begin with
before awareness too
be observed
observed too be known

where mind meets mind
one as object
the other subjective
seemingly two happenings
observer will soon
be known as observing
“I” will soon
be known as mind illusion

wake up
wake up soon
to the mindworks
the narratives
are what conjures the world
and you have to appear
to seemingly
experience both.

no one wakes up
wakes up you must
no one awakened
awakened must happen
no one walks the path
the path must be shown
from someone
to no one
from no one to One.

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