what use is of land

if a great land has been offered 
that could grow many fruit trees
or that could give you a home
or an income to sustain your life
or that could initiate a noble endeavour
that many could possibly be enlightened
which then would you choose?

surely you must be considering
what will be your present needs
and a long-term goal
that will yield a maximal advantage
to your continuous happiness
and sustenance of well-being 
within this comprehensible lifetime.

what if there’s another perspective
which you are not told
which you are not aware
which you could never imagine
where choosing rightly
could bring more than just happiness
but yet not visible, but yet assured?

would you then choose that path
by giving up that land
for a higher purpose
a higher vision for the benefit of many
which its return is unimaginable 
to your present mind, 
to your present needs?

if only, if only, you could have,
that profound understanding
of a Reality far more larger 
then what you could imagine
you would have offered
all your sweat, blood, and effort
to make it come true.

You wouldn’t have held back a second
In giving up your needs
In exchange for such a lovely gift
as you are fully aware
the fruit that comes therein
where nothing could replace it
or even compare to it.

O Mighty Truth!
grant that you have that knowledge
that understanding
in discerning what is truly, truly important
as to transcend what has always
being difficult to comprehend
difficult to overcome.

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