people, event, situation

people, event, situation
is where you are constantly
caring about

you care about people
you care about events
you care about situations

and every of this
is about others and outside,
and not you

but is that true?
is there a others or outside?
is there a separation, from you?

what about considering
what you cared
is actually you, uncared?

is there really people, event, situation?
or there is only your mind
about people, event, situation?

if you would have noticed
it is your mind
you would have cared for that

if you have not
then the world is
your caring place

where caring becomes
an obsessive control
and judgments

your mind needs caring
the world needs fixing

care your mind,
the world will be an extension
care the world
your mind will be projecting

caring the world, the mind is uncared
caring the mind, the world is cared
for people, event and situation is you.

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