the noble way

between both
outer and inner
a Middle stands.

having the right understanding
both are mere results
of causes and conditions.

where it stands,
is neither here nor there,
in or out.

the middle,
is an understanding,
is also the way.

no exact word
could ascribed
if best, a Noble Path.

in eight ways
it manifests
leading to the Unmanifested

1. right understanding
is how it knows

2. right thought
is how it understood

3. right speech
is how it thought

4. right action
is how it speaks

5. right living
is how it acts

6. right effort
is how it lives

7. right mindfulness
is how it strives

8. right stability
is how it is mindful

this is the Way
how each leads to the eighth
an effect of Right Understanding.

eight is not made
eight is not created
eight is Nature of the Way, the Middle.

find the Middle
stand at the middle
be the middle.

from it
suffering is known
cessation of suffering
also seen.

undoing has begun
no-thing can stop it
except forgetting, but only temporary.

and that,
an eighth existence impossible
declares the Awakened.

until then,
keep steering
as the Way has opened.

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