a snake but not

a world of two occurring
one darn real
the other hidden

as if
a snake is seen
causing shivers
running down the spine

paralyze in perspiration
so real
until a second look
a rope was all it is

snake never was
a mere perception play
truth hidden from sight

neither there was
a two object
nor a two world
only but the ignorant view

what if I say unto you
this world
a mere snake
which never was

darn real
you lived in fear
in defence and attack
all just in vain

in you
another there is
untouched, unblemished
awaiting your vision

never was there fear
nor snake
only ignorant play
which only you can undo

this world never was
nor does it exist
veiled by ignorance
seemingly be

so look no further
a child play indeed
here, now
you can wakeup to

the Way
is what is
establishing in vision
the snake never was.

a Real World awaits
but not the kind
ignorant offers
Signlessness, Timelessness, Unconditioned

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