sight to vision

issues abound
endless, unresolved
internal, external
filled to the brim
no end is in sight
what should I do?

day in day out
new coming
old compounding
stress, worries
restless all here
rarely freedom is seen

surely there is goodness
surely there is peace
surely there is love too
yet a sight of them
not at all seen
only darkness all there is

yet I remembered
a sage did say
light is found
where darkness is
and unbelievably
only one is real

a clue he gave
a signpost he made
a map inviting
a road so clear
I never knew
until shown

if faith is upon me
how should I begin
how do I find
how do I go about it
so as what he said
becomes my own

truth is in my vision
not in my sight
for that I need to work
on my perception
such that what is happening
is all well and good.

issues will forever be
subject to condition they are
as such I could only work within
proven by the sages
shifting from sight to vision
i will taste freedom

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