you know me by the clock
but that is not what i am
i am not second, minute or hour,
date, calendar, year or age
that seemingly implies i exist
but you got me all wrong

i am not even past or future
or even now!
i am neither any of it
do see me by my true name
and do not imply me for this or that
but know me for what I am

so what am i really?
you know me but you know me not!
you take me without question
implying me now and then
at nearly all occasions
but do you really know me?

but let me tell you this
in case you are unclear
if you think i exist
you are really fooled
and if you think i don’t
you are in deep trouble

i am not what you think
an object simply mentioned
i am a mere shadow, an apparition
of a direct experience
that you cannot escape
occurring at the door of your mind

mind aggregates
and bodily processes
each their own conditions
as they arise
unavoidable, inescapable
you took it as time.

you have been hoodwinked
to think there is time
but the truth is not out there
nor in here in your mind
except for processes of mind-bodily
playing out its game

as they arise it was wrongly understood
volitional reaction or respond
is where it is being intended
thus mistaken it as a doing
of something that can prolong or end
thus introducing time to arise

greed, aversion and delusion
is what makes me
craving to be and to exist once more
thus making each moment
a time-based experience
but in truth, an error, a tiny mad idea

so long as the trio are not transcended
you will expect me to be around
for a little while longer, God knows!
blindly you may exclaim –
there is no time found!
but that is just the trio ploy!

so here a grace is offered
a precious opportunity to realize
for what I am
while time still exist
and I will be your shadow
until the “you” no longer exist!

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