it’s the mind!
it’s the mind!
it’s the mind!

it’s the mind!
(do you not noticed the obvious?)

the me mind, the you mind
but never my mind or your mind
have you not noticed – simply “mind”?

there’s only mind nature unfolding
in me space, and, you space
as opportunity for experience,
as happening experienced at each moment
and never even once, never,
“my” mind or “your” mind
but simply, “mind”
as happening.

there was only happening
there is only happening
there will forever be only happening

yet of them all
there is only happening
as past or future is happening here now
as present thoughts
mangled in imagination

what is more to say
except happening
and still, and yet
another happening
to each moment?

happening is experience
and experience is what you are
and what you are
is simply…
not “your” happening
or “my” happening
but simply “happening”
arising, passing on
happening [again]

yet is there “again”?
or simply new, fresh… gone
anew …
from nowhere to nowhere

to be exact…

now here … no where

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