ding a dong, a call

it is ridiculous, it is silly,
it is unimaginable
not to mention strange
in not seeing what is already here
to realize and to end
what perpetuates so so long a ago

how can it be possible
how strange it can be
where what is already here is not seen
and what is not here imagined
a total baffling encounter
even the Masters will laugh uncontrollable

to laugh is to see its reality
to sigh is to see unreal real
to plea is plain ignorant
to hope, forget about it
either one sees it or one don’t

so here ends the chapter
no more what’s next
for to ask that is to seek continuity
what an illusion!
there being none except Eternal Unconditioned
yet not eternal as in process

end blindness
just wake up
wake up to realize
blind is here, blind is there
blind is everywhere
and Love is all that sees
in Wisdom dawn

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