death experience

Do I not notice
death is but another experience
like an experience arising any other day
that I sometimes dread
yet finally will still overcome
and come to term
and continue living?

Death is not the end
except another experience
where I too will finally overcome
and continue living
wherever I am been posted
never an end

It’s not death that I dread
or the meaning of ending that I abhor
rather the assumed perception
of another’s death
never returning
thus keeping me resisting
of what I have built
of what I have accumulated
of what I have held on
of what I have toiled
not willing to depart
not willing to end
thus seeing death a threat
death an imposed fear
robbing me what I so wanted
to cherish, to enjoy

yet funnily
not willing to depart is an experience
not willing to end is an experience too
wanting to cherish, to enjoy, yet another experience
not to mention
holding on
whatever I can fill in the gaps
aren’t they all experiences?

Where is there then hierarchy?
Where is there then specialness?
Where is there then preference?
Even if there is, isn’t those all experience too?

If that is all it is
in this so-called human life
why not death another experience?
even though I may not like it
yet not liking too is another experience!

where can I run, except another experience
where can I go, except another experience
where can I escape
Escape? Another experience!

But if escape is what I wish
Isn’t Death an escape
of what I am now?
Am I choosing to escape Death
but not escaping from what I am?
Do I think I have a choice
Yes! only if I am insane! 

I am escaping from escape?
What a confusion!
Pray tell me, what is it that I want?
Or is it want that I just need to wake up from?

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