moments can be simply simple
if there are no meanings attached to it
for then what is is just as it is
devoid of
meanings of if or should
or even must.

yet that cannot be the case
as meanings make up my entire mind
make up my reality
make up my experiences
make up who I am
without which
experiences cease to be
not to mention death of I-dentity

and that comes back to truth
that so long I-dentity is still felt
I can be sure it is a construct of meanings
of ancient ideas and views
mutated over unimaginable times
solidifying the falseness
of a meaning that
I do exist
except but just a meaning

“I” the mother of delusion
giving further many more I to come
seamlessly to each moment
making what is but a process
now a permanent meaning
unrealized I am but simply
meanings over meanings

thus notice meanings as meanings,
meaningless on its own
not a reality
except an imposed identification over what is
notice its nature
notice its powerlessness
until power given to it
notice exactly as it is
without wrongness
else another meaning sprung from it

fully awake
to its nature

beyond meanings!

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