leaving living

Eyes feasting on daily news
With ears rumour is where it zeals
And nose inclines to fragrant dew
Seldom we recall awareness due

Skin too blessed by windy blew
And mouth savouring meaty chew
Dreaming in thoughts another avenue
In forgetfulness our moment just flew

In midst of all these experiential cues
Unaware an occurrence running askew
Unnoticed a rampage this parallel ills
Bringing a trapping difficult to deal

Notice in silence how senses skew
Desiring and resisting all it knew
Unknowingly being lead by blind crew
Only to realise too soon we are screwed

Do we not noticed a conspiracy clue
Where delusion, a mere blind ignorant tool
Unawake we lived in drunkard brew
A contrast with those who left the fools

There’s nothing, in truth, now to mule
As what arises is nothing new
Brisk a moment and take a pew
Seeing how conditioning is all it drew

We are but a mere puppet of views
Pull here and there other than withdrew
If we have realized what the Sages have knew
This moment is just for review

With the precious Way is life meaningfully will
Coming to understanding where we have threw
Where each moment realization is due
Unconditioned is all in the end fulfil

Until then bring in aware with skill
Observe in silence without frills
With non interference is Delusion quell
Arriving ultimately where all Stills

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