mindless mindful

a doubtful mind
of past conditioning
arising once more as ignorance
to be seen correctly
for its ending

a fearful mind
of past unquestioning
arising again as an apparition
as one last correction
for its ending

a guilt mind
of past misperception
arising again as an illusion
inviting another chance
for its ending

an unforgiving mind
of past holding on
arising again as imagination
welcoming release
for its ending

a misgiving mind
of past self judgment
arising again as a conjuring
seeing it clearly
for its ending

an absent mind
of habitual conditioning
arising again as a delusion
to be known correctly
for its ending

a conditioned mind
of incessant continuation
arising again as impermanence
to be realised totally
for its final ending


the Unconditioned
the final arrival
ending of cycles

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