the worth of now

Earth not a place to really call home
Nor a game or time for our fun roam
Not even to toil and survive till tomb
Otherwise repeat be another womb

Surely there must be a better aim
Just as all great Mystics have claimed
Pointing to what we need to train
Arriving finally from where they came

Chase not after what we hope to bring
Or lament in thoughts of what we think
Let what is already here for us to link
In threading the Path that release all cling

Of moments that put you in clear perspective
The missing jigsaw that wakes you active
A precious journey you will surely practise
That arrives you what you have always wish

For what is already here is all for you
Look within in reclaiming what’s in lieu
To a path that has long been overdue
Reachable only to the earnest few

Explore more what you have missed
That has always been Now that will please
And not upon death that you be deceived
Another chance will be given if you leave

Wake up to a pristine lasting Nature
That has nothing of status or stature
The Unconditioned beyond this pasture
A lasting Eternal as in final gesture

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