views overdue

Where views not seen as views
Experience begins
Stories retold
Suffering untold
Blame unfold
Attacks pronounced
Defense rebound
Guilt abound
Clinging resound
Unforgiving around
Meanings denounced
Creating massive conditionings
of delusions

Views must be noticed clearly
As it arises now
Producing special effects
On what you think
Or see, or smell, or touch
Or hear or even feel
Leaving no room for Reality
Except meanings they give dearly

No moment exists without views
Or by another name it may be called
Be it ideas, or opinions
Or comments, or assumptions
Or judgments
Or even observations
Or conclusions
Whatever, all but their own meanings

Views hurt you
Views make you live
Because of views, you laugh
Views make you love
Views make you think you are free
Views bind you too

Yet views are merely… views
Empty, meaningless, insubstantial, yet powerful
When believes are given to it
Where clinging held on to it
And perception reinforces it

Wakeup! Wakeup!
Otherwise a dreamworld ensues
Caught in entanglement
Lost in Truth

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