Estimate not your thoughts
Of words that could be brought
Where friendship potentially be fought
And lovers unknowingly get caught

Where assumptions are been bought
Believing is what it sought
Hence enemy is what it got
Or bondage afterlife besought

Be heedful with what your mind has caught
Of thoughts that you have taught
What was never could now be a block
And what was before now a fault

Realize what was always naught
Of ideas that can bring distraught
Awakening to what the wise has sought
Arriving to an end of all onslaught

To each its own affair with thoughts
Minding not what they have brought
Uncareful becomes our deadly wrought
Adding on to what we already caught

Let mind be free beyond doubt
With Right View and Wisdom be your fort
Mindful to each moment the mind retaught
Slowly and surely all wrong untaught


The world is you
Where what is due
Will you be imbued
Upon Awakening turns residue

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