truth or life?

truth is life
some perceive
never questioniong which
hence overlooking the Truth

truth is relative
others demand
forgoing the essential
hence living in unnoticed error

what truth?
some exclaim
unbeknownst to such Reality
hence only adapting to what life presents

life is real
some challenge
missing the Truth
hence delaying what they have to know

yet some do question
what is life?
a routine unpreventable
a direction inescapable
is there more to life?
is there none to it?
is there a beyond?
is there really Truth?

those who knows, knows not
those who knows not, never know
those who seek, perplexed
those who found, proclaims
those who realised, unspoken
those who arrived, unseen

Truth remains whether in ignorance,
or even the wise
Truth is Life,
Lifeless, if without
Neither is it an idea nor another view
Except to be realised
Self evident.

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