View is where strangely it all begins
An endless story where forgotten is its origin
Sad to say from it springs delusional imagines
Entangled, mangled with all its fagins

In each view is found its preservation
With yet another coming its further permutations
How else not to trap into these fabrications
If living itself is all about identifications

Look into each moment you will see its illusions
Of strangling ramifications to self conclusions
Without investigations prolonged its disposition
From simple truth to complex insinuations

To begin the process of sure extrication
How else can it be other than views recognition
In silence non-interference and clear comprehension
This new view ends all delusional proliferations

See not its wrongness except a kind of reality
See not its error except another naturality
Only from this view those views enters nullity
Slowly each entanglement ends in possibility

Be patient in noticing with diligence
Each moment a potential emergence
From persistent delusional indulgence
To a clear wise awakening resurgence

Is it possible to complete this lifetime
Where preservation now a memory line
Indeed potentially it can be inclined
Only in full-heartedness awareness in chime

Hence be heedful each given moment
A precious opportunity awaits your advancement
Long indeed myopic in views enslavement
Seize the moment Now towards Enlightenment

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