what is life but maintenance
maintaining health
maintaining wealth
maintaining happiness
maintaining rights
maintaining status
maintaining security
maintaining business
maintaining relationships
maintaining youthfulness
not to mention
maintaining our views
maintaining our righteousness
maintaining our anger
maintaining our unforgiveness
maintaining our attachments
maintaining our security
in short
maintaining our existence

it is no wonder
death is feared!

for whatever reasons we maintain
we preserve
and whatever we preserve
the illusion of fear of loosing comes to be

where are we leading
where are we heading
where are we going
with these endless preservations
except to reinforce in ourselves
the fear of death
and with that the force to re-live again
irrespective of our belief in rebirth or otherwise

explore every view
explore every idea
and within it find the stark potential
of preserving
of returning
of continual existence
done upon yourself
for yourself, to yourself.

to die to each moment
to let live each moment
to simply be with each view of grasping
with right perception
neither wanting nor not
in non-interference
leading to the end of preservation

the end of the world
and Beyond

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