blessed pain

Of a pain that is unbearable
And a grief that is immeasurable
Of that which is being presented
Being stripped of external support
And devoid of internal comfort
Raw in vulnerability
Yet, thoughts of escape perpetuate in the mind

It is at this moment
The you and the pain
Seemingly two
In a state of tug of war
Resisting and struggling
Trying best to detach
Yet detachment can never be seen
Except a continuous battle of feat
Of trying to overcome
The overwhelming feeling of unease and discomfort

Yet wait a minute
Wait a minute
Was it really two?
Of you and the pain
Or merely one
That was never separated
Except through a tiny strange idea of resistance
That somehow now sprung two
An illusionist at work conjured of delusion
That never was and never will be

Never been questioned
Never been correctly seen
Delusion’s work now in amazing conjuring
Produced a state of art projection
That somehow makes pain real
And you in a dream of resisting and struggling
Until one moment of surrendering
Giving up all struggles
And easing into what is
You will and you shall find Truth that never left.

Hear me! Hear me!
Wisdom acclaim
That which is in pain is delusion at reign
Of an innocent idea now turned treacherous
Of what was not now a world being feigned
Never before never will there be any world
Except a strange illusionary dream
Where bodies and objects now become real
In temporal existence
Until and upon Final Waking

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