nothing can one destroys
nothing can one avoid
nothing can one remove
nothing can one finishes
except to be noticed
to be acknowledged
to be understood
to be realized
and thru it
everything is correctly seen
correctly accepted
correctly perceived
correctly realized
and thus
everything ends
on its own
without needing to do
without needing to arrive
without needing to achieve
without needing to get
without needing to end
except all done real time
thru Wise Understanding
leading to Wise View
leading to Wise Speech
leading to Wise Action
leading to Wise Livelihood
leading to Wise Effort
leading to Wise Wakefulness
leading to Wise Mind Stability
leading again to Wise Understanding
cyclic as many times it takes
until Completion
in brief
The Wisdom Eightfold Path
a journey that undoes
a journey of no return
a journey of ending all ends
a journey of Liberation
once and for all
towards the Unconditioned
or God you may call


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