final vision

Misery indeed in not seeing
A pristine Truth so simple and freeing
Which would have ended all problems teething
Yet not seen indeed leads to much suffering

How to convey that which is so simple
Yet not so when it is like an unwanted pimple
As compared to the beauty of dimples
Both are but just delusional samples

The world indeed a construct of delusion
Where suffering can be a mere belly protrusion
Or a hopeful joy for a body beautification
And much more to each day to added confusions

What happiness pursuits are we looking
Except fixated conditionings unfolding
Where wanting comes with holding
And not wanting as always with loathing

Endless indeed that comes and tow
Incessant needs instead of letting go
With each birth a secured death-row
And that too awaits what’s next to show

Why on earth are we still around
Where every corner is illusion found
Carrying this body of senseless surround
Except finally to fail us down

Look not for permanent happiness here
Where addiction is strangely seen dear
And Truth is being given rear
Upside down indeed why not to fear

Behold the pristine truth of freedom
Where those who seen is not through random
Which we too are not exempted from this wisdom
Awaiting beyond our ultimate Kingdom

This doorway never any particular ownership exclusive
Though in delusion many own in possessive
Without understanding how the arrival conceived
Impossible indeed such End achieved

Take the leap of faith o ye friend
Where the sublime Pathway still in hand
Make haste before the Shown begins to end
With diligence this world be finally transcend

In appreciation such a Path been shown
Where errors and preservations all disowned
Leading the way Wisdom grown
In Ultimate Deliverance is all been Known

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