The river water
knows not the sea

from where it was
where it is
to where it will be
was never separated
not even once
except meanings
of river
of sea
seemingly separated

where then is
beginning or end
except by meanings
of movement
of time
of hierarchy

for water
be it beginning
be it river
be it sea
be it ending
never left
never gone
never begun

as vapor
as liquid
as ice
different in form
yet same

only concepts
of river
of sea
yet water never was

the world
of humans
and others
only in form
seemingly separated
yet never was

two realities running
in parallel
seemingly in opposite with another
yet both in one
to Wake up to each
one reality the other concept

nothing to reach
nothing to arrive
nothing to get
nothing to end
except to Realize

God and you was never something to arrive at, nor was it something to attain, though both meanings are frequently used to point towards a specific Goal. It is a matter of waking up to a realization that in reality, nothing really happened except meanings conjured by the mind which leads to the illusionary separation.  You, the metaphor of a river is like trying to reach God, the ocean, yet both can never meet – the river and ocean are mere meanings. Can “you” then meet “God”? Yet, like water, a meeting has, will, and always, been happening, except to wake up to that reality. What is stopping you is that you have yet to realize. To arrive at this realisation, the “you” have to die along with the meaning “God”, just as the meaning of river and the sea has to be put aside for water to be thoroughly seen. Only then, “God” can be realised without a name on it.

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