Past haunting
past stalking
yet made only possible
when mind grips upon it
silly views attached to it
of repercussions
and guilt
and punishments
even damnations

All but conjures of the mind
all encapsulated in the Now
as thoughts,
as perceptions
as feelings
as meanings
of ideas and views
fixated and preserved
in making unreal real
all but “happenings”
as always, in THIS moment

No actual past,
No actual future
Only Now
You need to discern clearly
That’s all is.

Notice, realize –
all but minds’ creations
in this very Now
nothing except fleeting minds
coming, going
returning one more time
because of grip
in beliefs and views

Wake up, wake up deary
freedom is here
only if you discern correctly
that is all it well
unless in slumber.


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