i am shame

You dare not look at me directly
Though you have known me too well
I am the cause of your misery
As you close the world as well

And you, are unhappily lonely
And I, your only sole companion
Though you hate me dearly
Yet I am with you in communion

Day and night I rarely leave
A shadow, I stay, oh so close
Here I am as you so believe
A mirage, an apparition, a ghost

Alone, I am not though
As I have my brother with me
With my little sister too
Of which we all share a bond

You see I am not single
A triad, a threesome, 
A three-headed friend
Undivided, in unity we bring you misery

Misery? You must be joking
I am having fun poking you
Cheering you, loving you
Seeing you groping in fear

Yes, yes, Fear, my little sister
Accompanying me in my quest
Together we live meeting you
Serving you our very best

You were never honest with me
And for that you Fear me
But I don’t really mind at all
For doing so my sis came to me

Together we form a triad 
Day and night we merry
Misery our assumptious meal
Loneliness our dear friend

And if you are not honest with sis
Watch out for my distance relative
My dear cousin Depression
Will too come a visiting happily

Have I introduce my dear Big Brother?
A grandious respect I must give
Without him I am nobody
Of which my Sis too will attest

Big Brother where are you?
A great conjuror, an illusionist
Rarely do I meet you in face
Though I felt you all the same

Show me tell me where is thee
In dark alleys and dirty holes
Where beings all dread to see
A beauty yet difficult to behold

Guilt, my Bro, big and strong
With you hail our long existence
Of relatives Dark and Wrong
Of a silly error all beings brought us in

Be honest with my big bro, Guilt
Me and my sis will no longer be
Yet a conjuror who plays hide&seek
Delusion accomplice not easy to see

Big Bro do say a word or two
Let you then be easily seen
As familiarity is what all requires
Only then honesty be towards you

Hi All! I am Guilt, my common name
I make my trade thru your mistake
Not mistake as in any wrong act
Rather a misperception of that act

You see I am not what you think
Disliking when you chance upon me
Avoiding me if you could, yet
I am only here so long as you err

In truth I do not really exist
Until your ignorant took a hold
Of a moment misperception
Believing there is something wrong

And here I am you gave me birth
Together with Shame as my past
And Fear, my coming future
Of silly ideas you unknowingly planted

See me as a reminder, not a foe
Of a wrong view you attached
From being innocence now Guilt
Where I await patiently for your release

I am simply your Dark Angel
Helping you to appreciate Wisdom
With her Right View and Love
Afterall I am just an absence of that.

Until then be honest with me
See me clearly where I came
Honour me as a good messenger
In waking you to a life of Love

I will be around until your work is done
Futile indeed to try escaping
As the more you push to be free
The more my presence will be felt

Understand me, see me
Just another Nature
One day when you are truly free
I am but just an innocent object.

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