Somedays heavy stuff
Somedays abstract
Somedays easy
Somedays light
Somedays nothing
Yet somedays boring
And somedays meaningless

All states of mind
Of myriad forms
Of different views
And different experiences
And feelings too

And more than tat
Like and dislikes
And its play of conditionings
In uncountable permutations
A whole bunch of stuff
Of responsibilities
Tat you and I
Have to take
To notice, to watch
To understand
And realize

And decisions to make
Sometimes easy
Sometimes difficult
Sometimes challenging
Sometimes split
Sometimes deadlock
Sometimes choiceless
Sometimes stark
Sometimes painful

An insurmountable task
Of day in and day out toil
Seemingly never ending
One after another
Without break
Or even a breather
Or interval with a sigh
Of relief and freedom

As if not enough
Other minds we took on
Baby minds
Teenage minds
Elderly minds
Challenging minds
Foolish minds
Complaining minds
Darn minds
Lazy minds
Pushy minds
Sticky minds
Sexy minds
Hateful mind
Silly minds
Sparring minds
And sometimes wise mind

All in a days work!
What God?

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