coming back

What you think, thinks back
What you see, sees back
What you judge, judges back
Never once without a return
Never at all a never return
Until a never return introduced

The mind, a mimicker
Indifferent to inside or outside
Whatever’s been served
Will be reintroduced precisely
Inside out and outside in
With no prejudices or favours
Like a dutiful servant
Carrying out instructions in precision
No gaps left unattended
No mistakes, including mistakes
No errors but simulating errors
Of what was once a past intention
Now a haunting effect

The game she plays
Will be played out on her
The plan he schemes
Will he be scammed
Not exactly a revenge
But merely an exact replay
Of what one once introduced
To the unseen mind

For the mind,
Captured by perception
Governed by conditioning
Plays out in detail what was past
Though storyline differs
Though personality changes
Though situation seemingly new
Yet as haunting as can be
Each movement no matter how minute
Is but a mere memory
Replaying itself again

Wakeup, wakeup, my dear friend
For nothing new is here for you
Not of good health or ill
Not of rich or poor
Not of good or bad
Not of young or old
Not of friends or enemies
Not of doing or not doing
Not of big or small
Not of spiritual or material
Not of prayer or no prayer
Not even of Ego or God
None of anything in this world
Except a mastermind of delusion
Kept in a vault an unseen game
Repeating in lifetimes not seen
Now given one more chance
To be seen accurately

Ending the long cycles
Of coming and going
Of forth and back
To the Awaited Gift.

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