perception deception

i am not seeing what my eyes see

am I hearing what my ears hear?

except always intercepted by you

arising between me and the world

never once did you not appear

a transparent veil tainting my world

at each sense door you arise first

presiding in all my experiences

o thou art seen!

never once have I seen the world as it is

whether within or without

as it is you I am always unknowingly seeing

insecurity? Oh my gosh! It’s you!

fear? Again I see it’s you!

happiness? Here you come again to fool me.

bondage? Surely you are the best conjuror!

the prejudices I have upon my brother

is none other than you I am experiencing

the attachment over my sister

again you make me believe in

in pursuit, I chase, over nothing

for it’s you always a moment in front

making me believe there is something

except emptiness in samsara now I see

who are you, the mastermind?

where no meaning once upon a time

meaning come to be

in tears, in joy, in fear – I’m fooled.

emancipation of you is what I wish

yet never will it ever be possible

except to see you clearly each every move

one day I Am, no longer need you.

do what is necessary, Perception

for you are but just a function

with Wisdom, penetrative

Awakening, one day, takes over you.


26 Mar 2015

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