death calling

of late thought of death
comes frequently to mind
reminding the importance
of work to be done
and those needed undone.

each morning wakeup
comes an obvious whisper
of death remembrance
awaiting at the horizon
less I forget I too am mortal.

it does not come as dark or heavy
but a kind gentle reminder
that life is really getting short
and soon, too soon
all will be gone just as any dream.

amazed by the consistent reminder
of things I thought were important
yet when death comes a calling
they were all so trivial, useless
and totally meaningless.

how I have been deceived
by ignorance magic spell
seeking what is useless
forgoing what is useful
with each day leaving in vain

what then life is
only to meet death at its end
surely a hidden message
of which I may have overlooked
as I busy my days in pursuit.

tell me, tell me
what is my true purpose here
coming and leaving so soon
let no time be wasted
in unravelling my mystery of life.

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