wait in wait

I waited
you were not here
you waited
I was not aware
missing each presence
longing for meet.

as meet finally occurs
you for me
and I, for you
eye to eye,
longing for another.

your experience, yours
my experience, mine
never do we meet.
except thoughts meeting
and thoughts longing

waiting, meeting, longing
a delusion play,
a deception
always in vain
as nothing happened
except mirage.

if wait is occurring
be wakeful
of wait already here
perfectly as it is
wait in wait
without another.

in that recognition
a precious meeting occur
of non-two
not me, not you
an arising of stillness
freed from waiting.

the lover-beloved
always been one
waiting for
waiting to be
is but the same,
in Presence.

no distance
no space
no time
no bodies
just Is.

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