Nothing hidden in the mind
Nothing awaiting in the background
Nothing wasted unarisen
Nothing lost, arisen or otherwise
Except a sequential process of order
Of conditionings maturing
Bringing about arising
Of what need arise
Of which in return
Conditions the next arising
A process of nature
Coming and going
On its own accord
Without you, or me in it
Except on autorun

Neither is it good nor bad
Right nor wrong
Should nor should not
Except delusional meanings given to it

Arising as it should
With its arising
Conditioning another
The old passing with new taking effect
As always
Appearing another new moment
Seemingly seamless,
Unbreakable, permanent
Yet within each moment dying and arising

Never was life fatalistic
Nor life nihilistic
For so long conditions abound
Existence continues to arise
Reborn over and yet again
Within and without
Of incomprehensible meetings
Of unimaginable experiences
Of unpredictable consequences
All of which we call, Life.

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