The “I” but a misperception
Of a beginning long gone
Captured by perception
Now a redundant reborn

Repeat it will until seen clearly
The “I”, a say, is in everything
In truth, it’s just a repeat really
Of an empty idea worth nothing

But since long ago “I” been invested
A label, a fable,  now turned a gamble
Of what was unreal “real” seemingly infested
All but just a delusional preamble

Asleep indeed long we have been
Of a happening that doesn’t exist
Replay replay amidst a Dream
One day, one day, wakeup be seen

Oh! “I” what an amazing pedia
A puppet that laugh and yet can cry
Except all but a silly strange idea
A happening that should have since run dried

A gentle repeating call
Wake up my dear child
Of events that deserve fall
Ending all unnecessary wild

The life we live is but an error
Nothing in it is worth pursuing
Except a journey ending tis terror
Otherwise all but a futile perusing

So long as life still ongoing
Let it be for the sake of Undoing
With extra time guide another being
Then life is worth living

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