nature’s precision

each arising has its precise conditioning
not more, not less
more would have produced its own result
less too would have had its own effect
yet was it what you aspired?

for everything arises not from random reasons
or choices made out of preferences
rather, each has its own pathway
its own maturity
its own conditioning

not even a little less,
not to mention a little more,
except each less has its own result
more too its own effect
but nothing close to
what you aspired

if freedom is your aspiration
freedom is what it takes
not more, not less
not even a minute comprise
or a temporary sacrifice

if peace is your aspiration
peace is what it takes
no defence, no attack
not even a tiny resignation
that moves you further from your aim

if  love is your aspiration
love is what it takes
no unforgiving, no fearfulness
not even a little doubt
so as to carry you forward ahead

Enlightenment too
has its precise conditioning
no more, not even less
more will somehow detour
less will definitely miss

for that, let yourself be absolutely clear
what is it you aspire
and having full commitment
let your direction be straight forth
overcoming all obstacles
arriving at your goal

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