I am likened to the murderer
I am also like the murdered
not that I am in their situation
but I am in the same situation.

I am like the trees
I am as like the mountains
and everything you can think of
even this, I am as like you.

you see, i am not a being 
nor can you call me a thing
but if you have an idea of me
I am already as like you.

you have never fathomed
nor have you ever considered
that I am not you nor, you is me
neither are you not me.

we have always been the same
not in form or shape
or even situation or place
but yet we are the same.

same should not be the word
for it tells of identical
but so far as how we come
and we go, we are the same.

we are not same as effect
but that is not true either.
we are same by the cause
which is not quite right too.

that is horribly confusing
you may think, and say
can’t you get to the point
even this, is the same.

forget about form
forget about resultants
forget even about causes
for they are no difference.

for all are conditionality
whether as arisen
or persist even further
or finally comes to end.

what difference does it make
be it in size or good
as young or being old
when all are but conditionality?

no difference are they all
if conditionality IS understood
as where there is cause, 
effect must comes be.

cause is not a thing
nor effect something
simply put, if there is a beginning
end must be.

with no beginning
how then be end
suchness is in all
and all is BUT conditionality.

aren’t we then bemused
it is just Conditionality
having it’s work done
sameness in all there is?

appearance is conditionality
disappeared is conditionality
not yet appear is conditionality
not able to appear is conditionality.

appear or disappear
is not caused by conditionality
appear or disappear
IS conditionality

reality does not do,
more so does it make
for there is no do or make
except no-twoness.

for that are we not the same?
form or no form
appear or disappear
all but Conditionality. 

what else is not conditionality
tell me, tell me,
if you could, that too is

conditionality is all there Is
at least here and now. 
Unconditioned is not that
rather unconditioned conditionality. 

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