hello darkness my old friend

won’t be called pain
if it is not painful
if it is not unbearable
if it is not intolerable

Yet, what is pain
as an object
that makes painfulness happens
that makes the mind rejects
that makes experience dark?

pain, an object
is not “pain”
until the mind meets it
so what is this object
when it is not “pain”?

extreme sensation?
extreme unwholesome states?
but what is “extreme”?
huge? large? big?
inquire, investigate, observe dearly

you are an old friend,
a darkness just too familiar with
never once am I willing to meet you
but you came uninvited
avoiding the unavoidable

oh! pain
what are you
unbearable, unspeakable
let me for once see you
for real, a shadow or a disguise?

let me have the faith
in falling into you
let me surrender
let me merge in you
and find out finally what you are

when me is not me
and pain is not pain
where subject and object ends
what is left
surely is true bliss!

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