ride of delusion

Here begins the journey of delusion
Where seeing is no longer a vision
And instead pursuit is now the mission

Desire spreads in full steam operation
Upsets too frequent with no remission
Both arriving in constant successions

Seeking beauty is its main contention
Desiring happiness too its full intention
No moment given to clear comprehension

Resisting suffering is also its function
Unaccepting of nature in all out aversion
Reflecting wisely is out of question

Desiring and resistance both in tension
Yet both discomforts never were mentioned
Though both works in great aggression

Grasping life is its constant passion
Detesting death also its daily fashion
Both a pull push battle of creation

Never once were you free to raise objection
Of your life but a constant dejection
Infested in these menace of petition

Where love is but awaiting rejection
And fear is but a welcoming projection
Both not opposites except a guilt station

When hunger strikes peace becomes a fiction
With overeating sloth, torpor and even indigestion
Ignoring both is but a fight of friction

Restlessness joins the rank of irritation
With worries its comrade of apprehension
Universal indeed in all species’ generation

Sloth and laziness a guilt manifestation
Where not careful a prehistoric skeleton
Left behind in a lurge of assimilation

Contentment was never an invitation
Taking advantage the unseen deviation
A secret all done in sly manipulation

Even in retreat is not spared regulations
Artificial setting to false jubilations
Advocate silence a forced adoration

Over and over these play of variations
Yet seen correctly but just an apparition
Until then indeed a full steam delusion

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