i don’t know

every situation
has a meaning
but not the kind of meaning
we give to it

every happening
has a reason
but not the kind of reason
we have upon it

every moment
has a purpose
but not the type of purpose
we think it is

whatever reason
or meaning
or purpose we have
all are none other than
and ideas
made from naive and
shallow interpretations
of what really is

I don’t know
is truer than
“I know”

when I am upset
I know my reasons for my upset –
yet a truer reality is
I don’t know 

when I know
what you are talking about
a more truer reality would be
I don’t truly know
what you are talking about
my ideas talking to me
interpreting what
you are saying to me

I don’t know – is wisdom

and in this wisdom of don’t know
new wisdom can only enters
for wisdom
can only condition
further wisdom
and not otherwise

so let it be a reminder
in our daily moments
that when we think we know
give ourselves a reminder
I don’t truly know what I think I know
and when we think we don’t know
let us be reminded
I don’t know what I know I don’t know

only then Wisdom
beckons you

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