happening you

happening happens
without you in the equation
except as an experience
which you cannot deny
regardless of your acceptance

happening happens
not for reasons against you
or in your favour
or for a purpose
except the meanings you endow

happening happens
in real time in precision
without compromise
arising due to fulfilment of conditions
passing too because of conditions

happening happens
impersonal by nature
where conditioning meets
conditioning further effects
resulting as happening “again”

happening happens
and has to happen
upon fulfilment of conditionings
as a natural unfolding
with you as a witness
as an experience


the way you deny
is also a conditioning
a happening
which you have to experience

your meaning endowed
is also a conditioning
a happening
occurring now as your experience

the way you perceive
is also a conditioning
a happening
without your control no matter how you try

your control
is also a conditioning
a happening
whether you like to experience it or not

your liking or disliking
is also a conditioning
a happening
replaying to the tune of your habituated past

your preference
your intention
your thinking
which all the while you thought you did
are actually conditioned happenings
arising from conditionings
presented as your experience

“You” comprise mere conditionings
orchestrated from past
arising one more time
to meet the Present
as a new “you” experience
not you as a self or a person
but a mere past conditioning

from NOW, here
if you act upon it
condition it will be for the future
returning as an another conditioned mind

in neutrality in consistency
as per conditioned from Right View
seeing how conditions come and how it go
without interfering
slowly but surely
ends all conditionings
once and for all
returning to
The Unconditioned
or God.

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