final justment

Between you
lies two worlds
a world seen with sight
another with vision
one in front
the other seemingly back
and you,
standing in between
merely a witness to both
and nothing more to that

Both worlds reflecting
one another
as if you, the in-between
a Mirror to them
nothing you can do
nothing needs to be done
except itself doing
a dance of two in tandem
mirroring another

There is no ‘you’ in both worlds
but apparition of shadows
conjuring its own
like clouds in the sky
where faces can be told
where meanings
you can put on
yet all too soon changes
and another story retold
all but just clouds
passing thru the sky

To see in front is to miss
the fun
to see the back is to miss the link
to see both is the
vision of knowledge
of how the world
comes to be

and to know the seeing
is where the true Now is
beyond both worlds
simply…. Just
where the Final Justment –

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